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The Church Planting Institute fosters indigenous gospel driven church planting movements throughout Japan.
Website: jcpi.net
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The Prayer Commission seeks to facilitate times of prayer for the purpose of opening the way for the Gospel to be shared in Japan and for strengthening the missionary body as we discover God’s heart together in prayer.
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Women In Ministry
The Women in Ministry (WIM) commission seeks to Equip, Empower and Encourage women to use the gifts and abilities God has entrusted to them in order to bless others and honor God.

We envision women invested in ministry who are committed to prayer, intentional about taking care of themselves and others, desirous to learn and grow spiritually, and ready to laugh & cry with other women in similar situations.

To facilitate this vision, WIM hosts an annual 3-day retreat in the greater Kanto area and partners with women in Hokkaido who lead a one-day retreat In Sapporo. WIM also plans two annual "Day of Prayer" events in Tokyo. Our Facebook page for WIM is a great way to stay connected and a place to post prayer requests, needs /questions, or words of encouragement.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/JEMA-Women-in-Ministry/219493158114408


7MEDIA is a multi-media ministry encompassing the seven spheres of influence within society: the arts/entertainment, business & the workplace, communications, programs for the disadvantaged, education, the family, government & leadership.

Website: 7media.org
Barnabas International
Providing pastoral care for global workers
Barnabas International exists to edify, encourage, enrich and strengthen servants in ministry. We are pastoral care providers, shepherding the hearts and souls of God’s people. Our ministry priorities are targeted toward global servants, pastors, national church leaders, and their families.

Website: www.barnabas.org
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The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
BGEA exists to support and extend the Evangelistic calling and ministries of Dr. Billy Graham, Rev. Franklin Graham, and Rev. Will Graham by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all we can by every effective means available and by equipping others to do the same. BGEA is currently in Japan preparing with the local churches of Fukushima, Fukuoka and Sapporo to host festivals in each city. The purpose of each festival is to work with the local church in each city in order to bring as many people to one place to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to follow up with those new believers to be sure they are placed in a local church.

Website: www.billygraham.org/
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Christian Arts Network
JapanCAN develops culturally appropriate creative initiatives that help build the church in Japan. An important part of what we do is equip and encourage art specialists to impact the world for Christ.

Website: www.japancan.com
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Community Arts Tokyo
Building community through the arts for the sake of church growth in Japan.

Community Arts Tokyo works with local church communities to bring people into gospel community and understanding, customizing artistic events such as concerts, performances, festivals, exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, and parties. We also offer art-based Bible studies, art-related printed materials, musical instruction, and artistic relief and recovery work.

Website: www.communityarts.jp
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Crash Japan
Christian Relief, Assistance, Support, and Hope Japan (CRASH Japan - 一般社団法人クラッシュジャパン) is a non-profit Christian disaster relief organization based in Tokyo that is officially recognized by the Japanese government. Before disaster strikes we equip and prepare churches and missions to be ready and respond effectively. When disaster happens, we mobilize Christian volunteers to work with churches and other local ministries. Our mission is to serve the local church to bring the help and hope through the body of Christ to those in need in Japan. We are here to help.

Website: www.crashjapan.com
Facebook: facebook.com/crashjapan
Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ)
CAJ equips students to impact the world for Christ. We foster a biblical worldview and provide an American-style program in English. Our more than 430 students come from missionary and business families.

CAJ's School Support Services provides Christ-centered educational support for the children of missionaries and other families who desire this type of assistance.

Websites: www.caj.or.jp / sss.caj.or.jp
Camp Raphayada
Established by JEBM (Japan Evangelical Baptist Ministries) in 2001 in Nakanoho, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, Camp Raphayada exists to provide an accessible, relatively secluded, well equipped campsite for evangelism, discipleship and training, and for fellowship for area churches and believers.

Website: http://raphayada.japanforchrist.com/raphayada/Welcome.html
NORTHSTAR runs a lodge and outdoor school located in the Northern Japanese Alps (Norikura Kogen) just 1hr from Matsumoto city, in Nagano prefecture. We exists to come alongside churches, youth ministries, schools, and other groups to help them reach lives in a way that has not been realized before. We have seen how God has used NORTHSTAR to reach the core adventurer through relationships with shops and major brands. Through specially designed events, we have the opportunity to become “nakama” (a friend in the inner circle) and thus penetrate a world that can be so difficult to influence.

Website: http://ridenorthstar.com
Okinawa Christian School International
We use Christian education to reach Japan for Jesus. We have over 400 preK-12 students, many of whom are Japanese. We equip each student to walk with God and impact the world for Him. Our accredited program addresses the whole person, is communicated in English, and uses an American-style approach. It is Biblically based, recognizes all truth is God’s truth, emphasizes sharing the Gospel and discipleship, and encourages Biblical thinking and living.

Website: www.ocsi.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ocsiconnect
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Member of the Capernwray Fellowship of Torchbearers
Nestled at the foot of Mount Fuji, 1000m above sea level and walking distance from Lake Yamanaka is Torchbearers Yamanakako (Capernwray Japan): Camp, Conference and Retreat Center. Two comfortable buildings accommodate up to 80 people and provide a warm welcome to guests year round.

Our Spring 8 week English Speaking Bible School’s mission is to proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching and practical training. We exist to equip men and women for full time Christian service, regardless of occupation.

Website: www.torchbearersjapan.com
The purpose of JEMA can only be accomplished together. So the JEMA community has multiple leaders and ministries.

In addition to the leadership team, JEMA commissions lead its ministries: Prayer, Church Planting Institute, and Women in Ministry. These commissions are accountable to JEMA.

Endorsed ministries choose to connect with JEMA when their purpose aligns with JEMA’s. But they maintain their organizational freedom.