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Member Care Ministries and Resources
1. Barnabas International
From the website: “The goal of Barnabas International is to equip, edify, encourage, and enrich God's servants so that they are refreshed in their souls and renewed in their service.” https://www.barnabas.org/

2. Barnabas Member Care Toolbox
A variety of free practical articles and resources for pastoral care for global workers put together by experienced workers at Barnabas International

3. Global Member Care Network
A Facebook group whose goal is to connect workers with resources, updates, links and people working in the realm of member care around the world.

4. Heartstream Resources
A ministry developed by former Wycliffe Bible Translators missionaries offering holistic care for global workers. The Heartstream ministry includes training, retreats, intensive care, and missionary counseling and debriefing. In Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

5. Missionary Care
The ministry and website of counselor and former teacher at Asbury College in Kentucky, USA, Ron Koteskey. Dr. Koteskey and his wife, Bonnie, offer on-field help to independent missionaries, to missionaries whose agencies have no one designated for missionary care, and to missionaries who would prefer talking with someone outside their agencies. The website offers many resources for free download, including resources for third-culture kids and missionary re-entry.

1. Joyce Inouye, M.A. Ed.
Learning disabilities specialist with 40+ years of experience
http://www. Childd.org/ www.childd-japan.jimdo.com

2. Fumie Kamitoh
Japanese certified clinical psychologist; English and Japanese
Healing-oriented and evidence-based adult individual counseling/couple counseling

3. Nobue Kunito, M.A., N.C.C. (US national certified counselor); English and Japanese
Skype counseling available.

4. Eileen Nielsen, M.A. in counseling; English and Japanese
Skype counseling available.

5. Rev. Alan and Judy Steier, Barnabas International
Pastoral care to global workers; Personal care conversations; Workshops, seminars, retreats related to pastoral care
asteier@barnabas.org jsteier@barnabas.org

6. Takako Watanabe, Ed. S, LPC; English and Japanese
Online counseling; Information and referral


Preparation, Debriefing, Re-entry, Culture Shock, etc.
1. Blog, “A Life Overseas: The Missions Conversation”
From the site: “As a team of writers who have logged years of overseas experience ourselves, we want to create an online space where expats of many nations come together to interact, encourage, and find a community that ‘gets it’.
“At this site, you’ll find
honest conversation about the role and realities of international missions, practical advice from others on the foreign field, and faith-based inspiration for the days when you’d just rather go home.”

2. International Missionary Training Network
Endorsed by the World Evangelical Alliance, the International Missionary Training Network is an international network of missionary trainers, training centers, and courses, including, on the site, a search function for finding missionary training of various kinds.

3. Mission Training International
From the website: “Mission Training International has been developing and equipping cross-cultural messengers of the Gospel through training and debriefing since 1954.” Located near Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

4. Blog, “Rocky Re-entry: The Realities of Life after Living Cross-culturally”
From the website: “Thoughts, encouragement, and resources for those transitioning off the field from those who’ve been there.”

Ministry in Japan
1. Book, The Unseen Face of Japan; (June 1, 2013) David C. Lewis
The book “uncovers core values within Japanese culture. . . . This fully revised and updated edition includes data from the latest surveys of Japanese attitudes, church statistics, and the most recent research into Japanese society and religion.”

Japanese Language Learning
1. OMF Japanese Language Learning Resources, free
From the website: “The resources . . . are from a variety of sources–some are materials produced by OMF, others by other missions or Christian organizations and some are by secular publishers. On these pages you will also find tips of various kinds related to learning Japanese.”

2. On-line Japanese Dictionary, free
From the site: “Jisho is a powerful Japanese-English dictionary. It lets you find words, kanji, example sentences and more quickly and easily.”

3. StickyStudy Japanese Language application
From a review on the website: “Perfect flashcard app for improving your Japanese with a great design and fantastic content. . . ."


Spiritual Formation
1. Book, The Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives; Dallas Willard
From the inside cover: "We need a deeper insight into our practical relationship to God in redemption," Willard writes. "We need an understanding that can guide us into constant interaction with the Kingdom of God." Speaking to what Willard identifies as "a widespread and deep longing among Christians and non-Christians alike for the personal purity and power to live as our hearts tell us we should," the observation of the disciplines can make the process of deepening and revitalizing our relationship with God a part of daily existence.

2. Dissertation,
Praying about Forgiveness in Japanese, English and Beyond Words: Bilingualism as an Underexplored Resource for Christian Spiritual Formation; Andrea Johnson
“Jesus taught his followers to pray about forgiveness for themselves and others, but language, culture, and early caregiver relationships affect how forgiveness is understood and experienced by the pray-er. This doctoral dissertation investigates how experiencing forgiveness through the two cultural frames of Japan and the US may provide largely unrecognized resources for Christian spiritual formation--the process of growing in lived love for God, self, and others.”

Retreat Centers
1. Bethany Hong Kong
Located on an island an easy ferry ride from Central Hong Kong. From the website: “Bethany will offer a welcome whether you are looking for a spiritual retreat, a straightforward, cheerful holiday or just a time away from everyone. We cater for groups, families, married couples and individuals. We can provide gentle pastoral care, people to listen and pray with you, and a range of devotional materials to dip into . . . . On the other hand, if you prefer just to hang out on the beach, that is also fine. Our guests include Christians from all denominations and countries, focusing on those in mission but also welcoming those in secular jobs.”

2. Eden Ridge, Crossville, Tennessee, USA
A missionary-focused retreat and vacation destination. From the website: “Mission to Missionaries exists to serve missionaries. We want missionaries to enjoy a retreat center focused on them, and we don’t want money to be the reason they don’t come.”

3. The Juniper Tree, Thailand (Two locations, Chiang Mai and Dolphin Bay, near Hua Hin)
From the website: “Since 1977, The Juniper Tree has been offering rest and refreshment for Christian workers, who work in situations outside of their own culture. We are an evangelical, non-denominational, charitable foundation, set up to provide places where individuals, couples or families can come to find physical and spiritual refreshment to enable them to return to their sphere of service.” http://www.juniper-tree.org/


Partner Development and Ministry
1. Book, More than Money, More than Faith; Paul Johnson
The author, who served with Wycliffe Bible Translators for more than 30 years, provides biblically-based, practical suggestions on how to develop, with the help of friends and churches, a missionary sending team.

2. Book, Funding Your Ministry; Scott Morton
An in-depth, biblical guide for successfully raising personal support. The information on developing adequate missionary budgets alone is both enlightening and helpful. A review―”This is more than a book on fundraising. It’s a book on biblical thinking about money and ministry, and it’s filled with intensely practical guidelines on how to involve people in your ministry through giving and praying. I’m impressed with this guide. It works and has been tested in the fire of experience with hundreds of our Navigator staff. This is the best resource I have seen―a must for those who raise financial support.” (Jerry E. White, PhD, International president emeritus of The Navigators)

3. Blog article, “Sent and Sustained: the Importance of a Sending Church”

4. Book, Serving as Senders Today; Neal Pirolo
"This key book makes the strategic point that mobilizers—the senders—are as crucial to the cause of missions as front-line missionaries. It is a book just crammed with solid, exciting insights on the most hurting link in today's mission movement."—Dr. Ralph Winter, U.S. Center for World Mission.

5. Donor Manager
A free, easy-to-learn-and-use software program developed and supported by a computer- savvy, on-the-field missionary who knows what we missionaries need for efficient record keeping, partnership development, and ministry to partners. In addition to providing the ability to record contributions manually, the program has the ability to "read" and "process" contributions reports produced by a number of organizations.

Financial Matters
1. Garrett Financial Network
Fee-only, financial advice by trained financial planners (mostly certified or on their way to becoming certified financial planners) who are fiduciaries, and thus legally- and ethically-bound to look after their clients’ own best interests, not the advisor’s own interests. https://www.garrettplanningnetwork.com/about/members

2. Schwab High-yield Checking account
A free US checking account that offers a free debit card, good exchange rates and reimbursement of ATM fees for cash withdrawals worldwide.

Christian Guest Housing
1. London, UK, The Highbury Centre
From the website: “The Highbury Centre is ideally situated in the heart of London in a delightful conservation area, yet still close to the city centre. Founded in 1893 as The Foreign Missions Club, our guest house has accommodated thousands of pastors, missionaries and ministers from nearby and further afield. Our mission today still is to provide affordable accommodation to those who serve the Lord from across the world.”


Other resources
1. Brigada
From the website: “Brigada is a growing collection of web- and email-based resources staged from the offices of Team Expansion . . . in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The weekly Brigada Today web journal offers resources, mission trends, motivation, strategy tips, tools & “hacks” to Great Commission Christians. http://www.brigada.org/

2. World Christian Missionary Resources
From the website: “ . . . information and resources on how you can reach your world for Jesus and other useful information for Christians. This web site provides information on resources in many different languages.”

JEMA Directory
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The JEMA Directory lists Protestant missionaries working in Japan and their mission affiliation. Missionaries are listed alphabetically, geographically, and by mission. One copy is delivered annually to all JEMA couples and singles. JEMA members may purchase additional copies for 1500 yen each.

It is also available for purchase by non-JEMA members.
Single copy: 2,000 yen
International: US$30 (delivery by economy airmail)